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Barbados - White Wall with Shadow with Plants 2_edited_edited.jpg

Bring a little Caribbean sunshine into your home

Discover the exquisite beauty of Barbados and Jamaica through these stunning original maps  handcrafted by talented architect and designer John Leigh. 


Hand drawn in the 1960's and available now as high quality prints, these colourful designs celebrate the rich history and vibrant culture of the Caribbean Islands. 

Barbados Closeup 4.jpg

"We used to have a framed copy. I've been searching for a new one to put it back where it belongs!"

Susan, Montreal 

Barbados Closeup 3.jpg

"Delighted to share for the first time Dad’s beautiful map designs of his beloved Barbados."
Becky Leigh, Daughter

Barbados Closeup 1.jpg

"John’s talent to bring life into his designs is second to none."

Larry Warren, St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados 

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